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Are you ready to create an aligned and intentional pregnancy-to-parenthood experience?

Positiva is the coaching program that helps expectant women connect with their personal power and move into motherhood with self-love.

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“Pregnancy is an opportunity to be liberated, educated, awakened, connected, nourished, and held. It’s a chance to decide how you will show up for your child, your loved ones, your community - but most importantly, yourself.” - Charlotte Gouyette

Pregnancy is an opportunity


To consider and identify your own needs, dreams, desires, and expectations as a person and as a parent.

To break free of limiting patterns and create space for possibility and growth.

To uncover and embrace your shadows so that you can love every part of yourself.

To create a framework that helps you stay true to yourself along one of life’s wildest, most unpredictable journeys.

To truly show up for yourself—so that you can show up for your family, your community, and the world at large in a meaningful way.

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Coaching; where I come in


The purpose of coaching is to create space and time to see possibility beyond our own current understanding and have actionable steps towards a created life. Sometimes all we need is a different lens to help us & that is where I come in.

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I work with clients internationally via Zoom.

Or if you do happen to be local, I have a beautiful space in the center of Lisbon for in-person sessions.

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When I created Positiva, I was focused on helping women prepare for the actual event of birth. Since then, my scope has evolved to include something I wish I’d had before both of my pregnancies: the chance to get clear on who I was and what I wanted as a person, so that I could carry that with me into my role as a parent. 

If you feel like this support is what you were looking for, but didn’t know existed... It does!

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