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Hi, I'm Charlotte

When I created Positiva, I was focused on helping women prepare for the actual event of birth. Since then, my scope has evolved to include something I wish I’d had before both of my pregnancies: the chance to get clear on who I was and what I wanted as a person, so that I could carry that with me into my role as a parent. 

It’s all about alignment. My diverse life experiences - the planning, the preparation (and, of course, the lack of it) - led me to create this offering.


I was ambitious and successful in my pre-parenthood life; as a sports captain leading winning teams, as an event producer in Ibiza, and as a mother using Hypnobirthing to experience a painless and euphoric birth. But the personal changes and transitions that come along with motherhood? I was not prepared. 

I grieved my previous career and tried to do “all the things” I thought a mum and a wife should do. It took me five years on a clear journey of personal development, plus a burnout, to get clear on what I want as a mother and a woman, and create from this place. 

As mums, the interplay between our parent and person identities is constantly evolving. It takes awareness and intentionality to keep them aligned and “in balance”, which I believe is itself a fluid, evolving concept.


This is what Positiva is all about: building a framework for the life you want and deserve, so that no matter what motherhood sends your way, you can gently pull yourself back to a place of truth, clarity, and self-love.

Motherhood is a gift, but it can also feel like an identity crisis. Although no one will ever be completely prepared, I’ve seen through my own work and that of my clients that the integration of parenthood and womanhood can make it a much smoother, more aligned process. 

I’m an England-born, Lisbon-based mum of two small boys, a certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner, and a Transformational Coach.


And I can help you find your way.


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