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From Transition to Transformation

The purpose of coaching is to create space and time to see possibility beyond our own current understanding and have actionable steps towards a created life. Sometimes all we need is a different lens to help us & that is where I come in.

Through my own experiences, alongside work with clients, extensive surveys of pregnant women, new mums and established mums who are also riding this journey, I have developed a coaching methodology so that this transition in your life is an opportunity to be liberated, educated, awakened, connected, nourished and held.

The DECIDE methodology

The DECIDE Methodology is where you take ownership of your life... Ultimately, you DECIDE whilst having a solid support system to cheer you on in every way possible.

Together, we will...
Together, we work on these three key areas:





Phase 1: Womanhood

We start with womanhood for you to establish a baseline of who you are and what you truly want in your life.


7 Coaching sessions, 1.5 hrs each (pre birth)


Phase 2Birth

Hypnoirthing is with your partner as they can play such an important role in the whole process.


5 Hypnobirthing Antenatal sessions, with partner, 2.5 hrs each (pre birth)


Phase 3: Parenthood 

Parenthood is to continue supporting you whilst literally living in this transition and diving deeper than the usual practical discussions.


6 Coaching sessions, 1.5 hrs each, spread across 3 months post birth.


We work over the course of 6 months, bridging your big transition together.

And we go deep!

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If your body feels a combo of excitement with a sprinkle of nerves, that’s the best signal!

Are you ready to step into your power and build the life you truly want?

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Dismantle your limiting beliefs, societal expectations & generational patterns.


Explore your True values, needs and what you really want in life now and what you want your future to look like.


Establish a true sense of self-love and worth so you can improve communication throughout your relationships.


Implement. Develop your internal compass using various means and methods that work best for you, including Hypnobirthing, communication skills, mindset work, and coaching tools. You’ll be well-equipped with a practical toolbox for birth and beyond.


Define your identity, values, and priorities and how they influence your experience as a woman.


Expand to become the person you want to be. Lay a foundation for fellow and future generations, including the child you are birthing into this world.

You get to DECIDE every detail of your life!

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